Porcelain fused to Metal 

We prefer to use high noble and noble alloys for our PFM restorations. These alloys have proven biocompatibility and enhanced ceramic bonding properties. Yellow gold alloys add to the beauty and warmth to the esthetics of the finished restoration. 

Our PFM and FGC  restorations are  expertly designed for optimum porcelain support. We check and fit every step of fabrication under 20X magnification.



 We  use  only premium porcelains by Ivoclar and Vita North America.  

All of our porcelains are diamond-polished before leaving the laboratory. Diamond polishing increases plaque resistance and enhances the beautiful internal layerings of colours  and surface texture of ceramics.



Kitchener Dental Studio embraces modern technology.   Zirconium is increadibly strong while offering the esthetic advantages of all-ceramics.  Our milled zirconium is designed in-lab to ensure strong porcelain support.  When we design your zirconium crowns you never need to worry about  chipped marginal ridges or cusps.  Zirconium  is  available in many levels of translucency and various shades to support subsequent ceramic layering.

Full-contour Zirconium is becoming very popular. We design, finish and diamond-polish every FCZ crown to be  gentle on  opposing dentition.



We use Ivoclar IPS e.max for strength and life-like esthetics. The IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic offers accuracy of fit, shape and function , as well as outstandingly high strength of up to 500 MPa.


Our knowledge of implant systems sets us apart! We will support and guide you through the restorative process with ease.


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